Sunday, July 6, 2008

Soggy Sunday

Send sunshine! We're having wet weather and have yet to see Table Mountain. Spent the day at the Victoria and Alfred waterfront - a huge shopping, restaurant, entertainment area which was mostly covered so we managed fine. Went to the Two Oceans Aquarium and saw cape penguins, moray eels, and lots of sharks and fish. Looking for a local African restaurant for dinner (they eat lots of patats here - sweet potatoes - in every form imaginable). We tried ostrich at dinner last night - it was quite good.

The last 3 students arrive tonight and we begin with orientation and a guided tour of Cape Town tomorrow. Seems to be a great group - 3 students have lost luggage and are borrowing from the group. All is well!


Jim said...

It's been wet in Tallahassee most of Sunday, too - although the Fourth was predictably hot and sunny. Glad to hear that you've arrived and settled in. Enjoy the local cuisine! I'm sure you'll find many gastronomic surprises - perhaps Kim will even get you to try seafood. :)

Maalox said...

Glad you arrived safely. Once again it has rained on the Pride parade in Atlanta despite this historic drought, go figure. Can't wait to read your stories and see videos and pictures.

Amity said...

Dina, are you sure you are in Africa and not Orlando? Penguins, aquariums, shopping...go on Safari!

Jane said...

Thanks for the photos and info. We are honored to have been included in the photo shoot.
We have also had rain, but is sunny today. We took off for the river for a couple of days with Murphy in tow. He is well and seems happy as long as he gets fed and walked.