Saturday, June 28, 2008

Here's Hobbit!

Just more practicing on the blog. I took this video at the dog trials (sorry about the camera work), and I wanted to make sure that all of these newfangled things work. That's our agility teacher Shawn out there running with Hobbit - he finished second in his class.

We're heading to Jax on Tuesday and then Johannesburg on Wednesday...let the fun begin!


Susan said...

Dear Jolly Blogger,

Methinks you are waaay too humble about your technological finesse. It was FUN clicking the button of the "practice" video and watching Shawn and Hobbit race around the ring.

So, yes. We are going to miss you and Kimmie here in the nation's third sweatiest city, but it will be wonderful to live vicariously through your adventures in South Africa.

It's already started! Turns out the county has eleven official languages. So, here's my goodbye in Zulu:

Hamba kahle, my dear friends.


George said...

A "Red Hill" for Murphy. How cute!

George Wilma